The truth about gay marriage and Christianity

by nikkilehman2013


I was a little surprised last week when Facebook was flooded with the red bars for gay marriage equality.  Not surprised that it was being shared, but more surprised by who was sharing it.  Many people whom I know profess to follow God in one form of Christianity or another were changing their profile pics in support of gay marriage.  It seemed as though a serious line was being crossed.    

When I was in college I was approached to sign a petition to define marriage in the AZ constitution as between a man and a woman.  I declined the request.  I just felt the issue was too polarizing.  You had to either hate gay people or be liberal.  I felt like signing the petition put me on the side of hate.  So I did neither, I chose silence and called it love. 

The arguments I heard just weren’t enough to help me “choose” a side.  I don’t think America is a Christian nation so why should everyone have to pretend to be Christian?  If the majority wants gay marriage then let the majority have it. 

I now understand that my choice was misguided.  The truth is, God created and designed marriage (Gen. 2:22-24).  Not me, not you, not the forefathers, the constitution, or some ancient tribe.  God outlined marriage in the Bible and it is a Holy covenant (Malachi 2:10-17). 

We don’t have the right to redefine it.  And if you call yourself Christian, you should fear our country’s attempt to do so; not parade around with the movement and call it equality. 

I write this because I too have been so confused by the issue.  Many so-called Christians have taken homosexuality and made it the flagship for sin in America.  They spew hate and Bible verses side by side. 

I don’t stand with them, and I know if you were a Christian who changed your profile pic, you don’t either. 

So what are our choices?  Hate, equality, silence?  Or how about love?  It is out of love that I am not ashamed to say that marriage is between a man and a woman. 

Because if you have read any of your Bible, you know that God takes His covenants very seriously (Leviticus).  God’s Holiness is not a voting matter.  He will preserve His covenant.  And a country who chooses to attempt to distort that covenant and call it equality, is rushing into judgment (Hebrews 13:4).  That’s a judgment I want no part of.  It’s a judgment I don’t want anyone to have a part of. 

We don’t get to redefine marriage.  We can pass a law and pretend, but that law will have consequences.  It is not out of hate that we fight to preserve marriage, but it is truly and wholly out of love.