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Month: May, 2013

A Christian’s Response to Abortion


A Christian’s response to abortion
I’ve been wrestling with this for some time.  I’ve always abstractly fought against the normalization of abortion.  High school and college afforded many opportunities to speak about the issue. 
As I’ve matured, I’ve grown restless with “speaking” about the issue.  Speaking is a very nominal way to build awareness.  I don’t want nominal, I want radical.  I don’t want to just have someone consider the realities; I want to take actions that change norms.  Changing the norms of our society will save lives.  Lives of babies, lives of mothers, lives of families. 
Picketing has been the standard approach for the pro-life movement.  While this might raise awareness that there is an issue, this does not solve the problem.  1.2 million abortions take place in this country each year because a woman does not want, or is unable to care for a child.   
So the church is approached with two issues.  The issue of want and the issue of need.  And low and behold, the church is fully equipped to deal with both.  God has given the Christian every resource to deal with this issue, so Christian, let’s deal with it. 
The issue of want:
An American woman is not raised in a society that values children. Children are not considered a blessing, they are considered a burden.  They cost time, money, energy, and more than likely your youth.  The very treasures Americans are taught to obtain, value, and hoard.  
I dare to say even the American Christian has fallen into this twisted thinking.  Psalm 127:3 tells us that “Children are a blessing and a gift from the Lord.”  I can tell you I’ve seen many a Christian woman cry when she received that “unexpected” gift from the Lord. 
It is an emotional reaction that is soon replaced by the truth of a child.  But those emotions are a result of living in such a society.  A society that emphasizes the cost of a child, not the blessing.  And ironically, is more than wealthy enough to pay the cost.
This takes us to our next issue. 
The issue of need:
Many woman face abortion because of need.   They just don’t have the resources.  So this is an important one Christian.  You cannot advocate pro-life and in the very next breath advocate to eliminate public assistance.  You don’t want the government involved?  Fine.  Then get out your checkbook and pay for it yourself.  Don’t lead a woman to choose life and then hand her the bill.  If you’re in this, you’re in this.  Start to finish.  It’s not one sided.  You can’t advocate life and then leave a girl hanging. 
She’s going to need you.  They are going to need you.  So yes, pro-life is going to cost.  It’s going to cost you your time, energy, money, and youth.  Goodness, not just your youth, your life.  This isn’t just a young man’s game.  This problem is meant for the whole church to solve.  Young to old.  On judgment day, no one is without excuse.  God will judge the couple or woman who chooses to abort, and He will also judge the Christian who stood by and watched them do it.  It’s time church.  It’s time to get up and move. 
Stopping Abortion:
Check your view on children.  Do you have an American view of family, or a Biblical view?  Changing society starts with the church.  We have the power, but are we using it?  Are we hoarding and restricting our blessings in the pursuit of time, money, energy, and youth? 
Do we value children?  Are we plugged in where the children are?  You don’t need a family to be responsible for this.  Children are a blessing, not just for a family but for a society.  Get into your society.  Treat your children like the blessing they are.  Plug in.  Share Christ.  Move the church. 
Are we helping women in need?  Are we going to the single mother, the struggling couple, and the broken family?  The time is not later, the time is now.  
Fighting abortion is a movement, an action, a call.  It doesn’t just start at a picket line or in a law office.  It starts with you, in your family, in your life, being the very hands and feet of Jesus that you were called to be.
Do something.  Change our society.  Change our view of children.  Show love to those in need.  Take care of the widowed and the orphaned.  Value children.  Value families. Do that and you will open the flood gates of God’s power to stop abortion in our country. 


Looking for opinions

I watched this video tonight and felt totally disturbed. It is produced by an anti-abortion group and documents their attempt to expose the truths of abortion.

Honestly, it just makes me feel very confused. When I was in school and learning about atrocities in history, I always envisioned myself as a player for justice. I pictured that I might be a part of the underground railroad or engaged in the fight to introduce child labor laws. I just knew in my young heart that I was too motivated by truth to not be a involved in justice.

So abortion leaves me feeling restless. I don’t think abortion is murder, I know it is murder. But when I look at these activists, my heart is not stirred to join the cause. Is this how we fight for life? Is this what advocacy and historical change looks like?

I’m honestly looking for opinions. Is my heart not stirred to this because there is another way? Or is this behavior bizarre to me because I am naive to the cost of change. Ignorant to what is required to move society.

And if there is another way, what is it? I don’t want to stand by as history plays out. I don’t want to be silent or do nothing. Any opinions?